Monday, December 19, 2011

Dateline S-Wellington

estimated time in Wellington to date:
approx. 47 minutes

long haul flight:
a very long 12 hours since the nasty british woman beside me spilled an entire bottle on water on my seat (thus a moist flight), kept taking my arm rest controls and my pillow

euro-trash spottings:

weather in Wellington:
agreeably sunny and cool in the shade

much potential, but as of the moment, messy and obviously a bachelor's pad


new luggage:
heavy, one puncture, one missing handle, and a laseration

general outlook:
sunny, Wellington is much better the second time around and with the sun shining. A few fleeting thoughts of: okay, i'm here, why the heck am I here, and what do I do now? But should be a good experience.

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