Monday, December 19, 2011

K-New Zealand

It's day three, and all is well,

I cannot really check email daily, and have to go at this point to 'internet cafes', so Conceptual Oyster seems the best plan to date. Thanks everyone for actually looking at it and replying...

not sure yet how to best post pictures...well, haven't taken any anyhow...but seen lots of things to take them of...such as the local Bed, Bath and Beyond, the orange juice with the same label as minute maid...but called Kerr, and the hi-tec KFC, etc...

Here are the highlights...well, this isn't exactly a third world country...and i'm glad to have teh comforts of home...but next time, i'll just buy lotion's heavy to travel with and spilled on my coat!
the apartment is much 'homier' now that i switched somethings's very tiney though, also very sunny, which is good. can't wait to post a picture of's f-ugly form the outside.

oh, eureeka, the mayonaise!
well, there is a brand in the same packaging as Dukes...but again, of another name. But none of this matters anymore because:
I doscovered oilio....different varietes! Yessssssss! It's mayo with a kick...great on everything, last night i dressed a salad of green beans and tomato with it! yum yum....and also had fresh can't believe teh exotic items in the grocery....that we only read about in Martha Stewart Living! Actuallly fun to go grocery shopping, then of course, you have to lug it up 'Mt. Everest', I don't want to spend money on a taxi, and i need the exercise!

Next, I found the equivilant to the Dollar Tree...The Two Dollar Store...very handy...

Now, many of you will be jealous here:
I found the mother load...of yarn that is...I went there again today, and started a new scarf...with beautiful mohair...that was only the equiv. of about three bucks a skein USD. and the needles they have...oh boy.
and, i am actually trying a new pattern on this on...of course, it took all three employees of Knit World to get me through six rows...and then sugested i pay, take it home and see what I could do overnight.

Now I am making the job contacts, keep your fingers crossed.

Last night I really started to miss Sam and Maya, so thanks for the updates...and thanks for loving them!!
Seriously, Thanks!

I need to go eat now, and rest...
hopefully going to a dance lesson tonight!

the weather is beginning to wain...good thing for the sweaters!

love to you all.

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