Monday, December 19, 2011


Three days and counting...
so much to be done, som many people to see...but mostly, i just wnat to snuggle the pups...and they are so snuggly.
i'm trying to organize my packing efforts...but so far, i've just created a mess of my mother's home. she hasn't said anything yet...but i wonder how many times she has rolled her eyes when she cannot park in her garage and, well, i'll try to post a picture of 'my room'. maybe i will get her licquered up and i will prepare dinner tonight...risotto stuffed tomatoes i think and some fruit compote. good to be cooking again.

i wrote a poem once about oysters, i loved it, everyone thought it was about sex, it was simply about an oyster in the ocean....i wish i could remember it.

the weather is fantastic here! i love september and october most of all.

i really am excited to leave now...a little nervous my luggage is too heavy and that seymour and i will just observe one another like an aquarium situation...but i'm motivated, anxious, and becoming bored.

i'm really irritated that my former institute of learning, SCAD...purchases smart boards on a daily basis....but cannot manage to actually bind our thesis i am to present to the family and friends who supported me a stack of paper bound with a dollar store bull official.

so i bought a set of meauring cups so i could follow my 'american' recipes, but somehow, i'm to cheap to fork over the one dollar for measuring spoons...

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