Monday, December 19, 2011

more sweet than bitter

but here's a bitter sweet moment:
you know pride and prejudice, the 'jo sharp singlet' i had warm fuzzy feelings to...and now on the blog?

well, my mom was bugging me all this time how she wanted one, i started to try and make her one for christmasmas, but didnt' , and i kept sayin "why dont' you make yourself one",,,yado yada.

okay, well, i made the straps too long, and of course when i sewed them on, i sewed them to make sure they would never come i went to her this morning and asked if she had any idiea how to get them out so i could shrten them, of she was like oh boy,,,,see, by now it's all felted together. and she said let her try it on...oh gosh, it fits her fantastically...small enough on her that it clings just enough to show shape but not bulge know?!?!?

so long story short, my mom is now the proud owner of the pride and prejudice sjs! and i have no completed handknits to wear (out of the house)...hense the bitter sweet...but it may give the solution to what to do with the sparkly patons crap i got at HL, and relieve the color anxiety i've had since my sister said, 'nice sleeve, but you need to move on from this color...' in reference to the sleeve completly blocked, now unravelled...cause it was too large...i finally learned the lesson...just do it, check your gauge!

so we {my mother and i} went to 'thursday night knitters' at barnes and nobles...we were both skeptical, but i was like what else were we going to was hilariously interesting. not the hippest bunch of knitters, but nonetheless entertaining...

poor mom, she's really doing well with her fledgling project, but i keep finding dropped stiteches that we missed before, and all i can do is just sew it up...but it's lionbrand woolease so i can hide it...

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